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Ieškau Vyras Hollywood Lilmommi78

I love people who love themselves.

Lilmommi78, 38 metai, Hollywood
Ieškau Vyras North Las Vegas Edith r

life is to short enjoy it to the max

Edith r, 61 metai, North Las Vegas
Ieškau Vyras Atsitiktinis romanas Joplin Electraka2009

whats shaken

Electraka2009, 33 metai, Joplin

Atsitiktinis romanas

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Jūsų profesija: Kita


Ieškau Vyras Boston Grinarya

Hvad kan jeg sige om mig selv! Om mig kan du bare overdrive a lot! Men alle de venner sige er meget bedre! De fortalte mig, at jeg er venlig, omgængelig pige! Altid i godt humør! Hvad kan jeg tale om mig selv meget flittige! Men generelt er dette, hvad jeg kan sige!

Grinarya, 39 metai, Boston
Ieškau Vyras Boca Raton BooperRob

Hi! My name is Roberta

BooperRob, 66 metai, Boca Raton
Ieškau Vyras Lake Mary Meowkitty143


Meowkitty143, 56 metai, Lake Mary
Ieškau Vyras Gastonia Temmjb

Hi, I'm Elena

Temmjb, 54 metai, Gastonia
Ieškau Vyras Jacksonville Sandybaby44u

I am a humble good looking lady who is caring,faithful,loyal,honest,r omantic,generous and also trustworthy.I will like to meet some one who have the same qualities as mine or more and who is really looking for real love.With God and Faith,all other things are possible.

Sandybaby44u, 39 metai, Jacksonville
Ieškau Vyras Fort Worth Mayclovers

Hello--looking for a small town girl with small town values?

Mayclovers, 47 metai, Fort Worth
Ieškau Vyras Zebulon Peachy1966

Single and Looking

Peachy1966, 50 metų, Zebulon
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